What are you doing?

This is the ‘About’ page!
Nobody ever reads this…
I’m not prepared.
Since you’re here…
I’m a full-time stand-up comedian.
Part time blogger.
If you disagree with my opinions,
please defend your viewpoint.
I may be a moron but that doesn’t mean I’m wrong.
And my being wrong doesn’t make you right.
My religion doesn’t require me to ‘be nice’.
It does require me to be truthful.
And for truly offensive material…
…nothing beats the truth.

18 thoughts on “About

  1. John Branyan. I enjoy your posts. But as a teacher, I am distracted by your grammar mistakes. Such as…

    “But in place of your beleaguered mother…
    …are the online voyeurs who’s own lives are so jam packed with activity…” who’s – no; whose – yes!

    (and in several previous posts, the “it’s” instead of “it’s”.) Don’t you have someone who proofreads your posts? I’ll bet there are several of us who would be glad to do this for you to maintain your reputation!


    1. I don’t have anyone proofing my blog (except you). I appreciate your pointing out my error and I’ve brushed up on the proper usage of who’s and whose. So much of my writing is for my own private use that I’ve gotten lazy about following rules. It’s good to be reminded that grammar is important. Thanks.


  2. Hi John,

    I didn’t realize you had a blog; have just found it. I’m writing to you here so you’ll be able to write to me (the address will be in your stats on your blog). I have a list of blogs you might be interested in – I didn’t want to be bold and list them on the other site we are currently conversing on. 🙂
    Peace to you and Happy New Year!


  3. Thank you for being bold! We enjoy your blog, your responses, and your comedy. Please continue to “Stand In The Gap”… we are praying for your ministry ~ blessings!


  4. My religion doesn’t require me to ‘be nice’

    Actually, it does. You’ve never read the part about not returning evil for evil, loving your enemies and doing good to them, the wrath of man not doing the righteousness of God, the fruit of the spirit, the love chapter? I could go on…


  5. Hey guys.
    Thank you so much for the podcast. Feels like family in all of its complexities. And thank you for a podcast that makes you feel like you can actually just send a note to say “hey….thanks”. Keep it up…


    1. Thanks for dropping in!
      Make yourself at home. Leap into the conversations.
      I’m a little too sarcastic for some of my Christian friends.
      I’m a little too Christian for most of the non-believers.
      So I’m a man without a country but I do have a blog!

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  6. John, need to request something from you, not to be published in your comments’ section, but I don’t know how to contact you via e-mail. I have worked on an online profile of you but need an image of you which doesn’t have any rights or restrictions (it will ONLY be used responsibly for my profile, and I’ll explain in my e-mail).


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