Let Me Tell You What You Believe


You ever asked a religious question and had somebody say:

Find yourself a good bible study and your questions will be answered.


That’s super-helpful.

Now I need to know, What’s a ‘good bible study’?

Let me guess…

…whatever bible study answers my question!

Ever asked somebody about their personal religious views and had them say:

My pastor can tell you better than I can!

Your pastor can explain what you believe better than you…

…how is that even possible?

I submit that if you can’t explain your beliefs…

…they are not your beliefs.

What you have are fuzzy, incoherent concepts…not beliefs.

You have ‘belief bits’.

Disconnected pieces of philosophical flotsam sloshing around in your skull.

Belief bits are made of sermon snippets, Bible verses, and a potpourri of religious lingo.

It’s a spiritual soup.

But when I ask about the specific ingredients; the answer is:

“It’s complicated.”

Indeed. So complicated that even YOU don’t understand it.

For the heathen, ‘belief bits’ are the only thing on the menu.

Wikipedia, web pages, memes, and YouTube videos jumbled into a doctrine of white noise.

Atheism is a hodge-podge of abstract concepts that atheists struggle to even describe.

jz answer panpsychism


To be clear…

You’re sending me off to research YOUR belief.

There is a word for this: “Idiotic”.

Whether you believe in God or not…you should be able to say it.

And you should be able to tell me why.

And I shouldn’t have to ‘Google it’.

9 thoughts on “Let Me Tell You What You Believe

  1. On the one hand, I sorta get what Zande was doing. He didn’t want to just regurgitate information that was already worded well to advance his point. However, in the context of this blog (and in most situations) it is frustrating when things like this end a conversation. It would have been much more helpful to provide some sort of example to further the discussion. I mean, even if you had read it, what sort of context does that give to readers as far as flow of conversation? It would look super disjointed.

    I’m all for citing sources to bolster evidence, but solely identifying a source as a means to justify not presenting the argument itself is definitely frustrating. It leads others toward the conclusion in the OP – that the person can’t articulate their thoughts on the topic for the purposes of discussion. (That is, of course, not to say that the person certainly cannot. However, it certainly leads to that conclusion).

    Good post!

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    1. This is why you need to continue commenting here. You are balanced and willing to give the Windbag the benefit of a doubt.

      JZ tried to convince me that Panpsychism isn’t ‘metaphysical’. I asked how that’s possible. He directed me to another website.

      I’ve read enough about panpsychims to get the ‘gist’. Of course, anything I say on the subject will be rejected by the Windbag as ‘misunderstanding’. He has crashed and burned more times than I can count in these discussions. That actually makes me sad because the truth is accessible to everyone. His pride keeps him in the dark.

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      1. I agree that he should have handled that differently. At the very least, it doesn’t even sound like he knows the most effective ways to educate you (through direct discussion). Likely, it seems he wasn’t interested in educating himself or you at the time of the post.

        It’s too bad. Assuming he was right, he still passed up an opportunity to learn how to better explain the phenomenon to someone who ‘misunderstands’ it.

        If it was just a passing commentor, one could write the experience off as someone who isn’t invested in this community at all and maybe has more important things to do. However, zande has clearly invested in this community and continues to do so.


  2. If you can’t explain an idea to a five-year-old and have them see, I say you don’t understand it yourself. No one wants to read an article in the midst of a discussion. They are engaged with YOU and want to hear you tell it. Sharing chunks of data and information as a means to explain yourself is a complete cop out.


  3. John,

    I agree. If someone can’t coherently explain why they believe something, they need to learn to.

    I hear this not just about peoples’ faith, or lack thereof, but in their political views.

    Not to descend into a political debate… but I was asking one of my coworkers who he wanted to see be the president (this was still during primary season). He said, “Bernie Sanders”. When I asked him why, he hedged at first. The he said that Bernie was for the little guy.

    So I asked the guy if he wanted lower taxes. He said that would be good. I asked if he wanted a government that would leave him alone as much as possible. He again said yes. I asked if he thought that small businesses being given breaks so that they could succeed (since we worked at a locally-owned mom-and-pop restaurant. A third time, he said yes. So I let him know that Bernie Sanders was not the guy for him, based on what he wanted from his government. He was blown away… that easily. (And, yes, he was a millennial), I told him it was up to him who to vote for, but it would be best for him if he did his homework and voted for someone who agreed with his views.

    Back to theology.

    Scripture speaks of those who are easily led astray. And it does not speak of them with compliments. It does, however, say good things about the Bereans, who were critical of teaching, in the sense that they checked things out for themselves.

    As we have all said before, we like people who use reason along with their faith. I am rather sure that God does, too. Nobody is saved by the faith of their parents or spouses or pastors. We all need to have our own faith.


    Acts 17:10-12 (ESV) – The brothers immediately sent Paul and Silas away by night to Berea, and when they arrived they went into the Jewish synagogue. Now these Jews were more noble than those in Thessalonica; they received the word with all eagerness, examining the Scriptures daily to see if these things were so. Many of them therefore believed, with not a few Greek women of high standing as well as men.


  4. JB –

    You only say this because you haven’t read JZ’s latest book. Certainly we would all change our minds with just a mere glance at JZ’s books. But alas – copies are not free (though they nearly are). Nor do I expect that we would be paid to read his books (though we may). I digress. Good post after all.

    Speaking of “Comedy Sojourn – The Movie – The Musical”, Ernest Borgnine (still the front runner to portray JZ) has submitted the intro from “Airwolf” as a tryout of sorts (he appears at :41 and :43). Enjoy.

    Obviously – there are some other thespians within the intro that we may also wish to seek out for other major roles. We can discuss later.



  5. The “Z” in Zande is the “Z” in The wiZard of oZ.

    Remember, The wiZard was the phony behind the curtain who kept sending our heroine Dorothy on one wild goose chase after the other.

    Maybe L. Frank Baum the author of The wiZard of oZ was hallucinating Google lo those many years ago.

    Pardon me, I have to go take a wiZZZZZ.


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