What I Learned from Graffiti


I was probably 5 years old.

Playing on the neighbor’s patio I noticed the name “Roxanne” etched into the concrete.

“How did your name get there,” I asked Roxanne.

“I wrote it there with a rock,” she told me.

So I picked up a rock and tried to write my name in the concrete.

It didn’t work.

I just made white scratches.

After a few more frustrating minutes, I went home.

“Roxanne lied to me,” I told my mother.

“She said she wrote her name in the concrete with a rock but it doesn’t work.”

Mom explained the problem.

“The concrete was wet when Roxanne wrote on it. Now it’s dry and hard.”

Ah…that makes sense.

Roxanne told the truth.

She DID write her name with a rock in the patio concrete.

She neglected to tell me the concrete was wet at the time.

But to be fair…I didn’t ASK.

At age 5, I didn’t even know cement was ever ‘wet’.

I’m not 5 years old anymore.

There are still mysterious things all around me.

Lots of stuff I can’t explain.

Wisdom says God created the universe.

No matter how hard I try, I can’t duplicate the process.

So did God lie?

Has He deceived me?

Or am I still a naive 5-year old scratching dry cement with a rock?

Science slowly reveals truths about God’s patio.

His name is written everywhere…

…even though we don’t know exactly how He did it.

19 thoughts on “What I Learned from Graffiti

  1. Or am I still a naive 5-year old scratching dry cement with a rock?

    No, you are a willfully ignorant adult who appears to have a few emotional issues who believes a make-beleive Father Figure will solve them for him if he simply continues to confess he is a sinner and promises to follow (sic) a long-dead Jewish prophet to whom all sorts of magical nonsense is attributed who one will find in a collection of anonymous erroneous texts.


    1. Sorry to burst your bubble, but this post in point is not about sin. Not about prophecy. Stay focused. Pay attention.

      It is about the reality of things being made. It is about misunderstanding and spiritual blindness. It is about ignoring what is plain as day.

      There is nothing erroneous about God creating the lesser light to rule the night. Maybe you should study the life and times of the earth’s moon. It embarrasses godlessness in all its demure timing and beauty.


      1. Which god would that be CS?
        Maybe the smelly little tit you call Jesus of Nazareth?
        Well, I am game if you are?
        Demonstrate how you get from an itinerant rabbi within the pages of a piece of historical fiction to the creator of a universe?


      2. You have worn out your welcome here, Doug.

        We’ve been courteous, gracious and patient with you for many months. We have answered your questions. We have even responded to your vulgar, personal attacks. We have tolerated your outrageous lies. But now we are tired. (I am tired and it’s my blog so I get to make the rules.)

        Understand, we are not tired because you have bested us with your intellectual insights. We do not fear you. To date, you have offered zero serious challenges to Christian faith. The best dialogues have been those in which you did not participate. We will have more of those dialogues.

        You will be allowed ONE comment. Make it a good one! Then you are going to spam. When you repeatedly post the same comments, when you ask the same questions, when you call names and behave generally like an asshat; you’re going to spam. It’s not personal. I’m just wanting to clear space in the comment section for thoughtful commenters. You’re not thoughtful. You’re a mean, ugly soul who hates us. We get it. You hate us.

        You are not ‘banned’ because I believe everyone deserves a chance to change. If you stick around and play by the rules, you WILL gain wisdom. There are some very intelligent, compassionate people speaking here and you can learn from them.

        But that’s up to you.

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    1. …”like negative-space art.” I’ll have to think about this analogy for a bit.

      But I think I like it!

      While the Atheists scream “THERE IS NOT A SHRED OF EVIDENCE!” this is what the Universe clearly shows:

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    2. Or maybe it’s like this water-mosaic… Some would spend their lives examining a single cup of colored-water. (And, there are the finger-prints of intention all over each of those containers.) Others will look at a single row and conclude, “This is totally random!”

      But, step back. STEP BACK! Now what do you see? Is there anyway to conclude this happened by accident?

      The Universe is like that–except mosaics made of mosaics made of mosaics. As you say, Jasmine, there is art literally everywhere you look. 🙂

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      1. Exactly, unless you stop examining every rock, you’re not going to see the mountain right in front of you. The trouble is, some people look at the mountain and then find fault with every pebble to the point they disbelieve it is even a mountain at all. No matter how you try to convince them, you can’t wake someone who is pretending to be asleep.

        I expanded on the idea of negative space here: http://bushmaid.blogspot.com.au/2017/02/negative-space.html?m=1

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  2. “Wisdom says God created the universe.” Why is that wise?
    “Science slowly reveals truths about God’s patio.” Example?
    “His name is written everywhere…” Example?

    Look, if your claims are true, then it’s really important stuff. You even say it’s wise.

    So, how do you know?

    That’s what I’m always after you to provide – the means to follow your claims – and so frustrated that you and every other commentator who shares your confidence in these kinds of claims just won’t do it. In fact, asking seems to compel ridicule and nastiness. Yet you continue on with these claims… as if they were true.

    The problem I have is figuring out if your claims are or are not true and how I might know. Your failure to provide guidance independent of your faith that your claims are true because they’re pious indicates to me that you have nothing else. Without this path of external and compelling evidence to follow how you arrived at these claims, and the means to link what you think is evident to your divine figurehead, then as far as I can tell you’re enunciating only beliefs based on your belief that your beliefs are true.

    That seems to me to be the sum total of your material.

    I know enough to know that such a method of instilling confidence in certain beliefs because one wishes to be confident about those beliefs does not produce evidence for them. Such trust and confidence does not produce insight, does not produce knowledge and certainly doesn’t produce wisdom. It produces wishful thinking masquerading as whatever positive terms you choose to associate with it and, if followed with an equal measure of faith through self-elevated credulity and gullibility, is highly pernicious because it is really equivalent in all ways to ignorance. Ignorance can be overcome by honest inquiry. I don’t think you are doing this, which is why you respond so often with deception and deceit.

    Because such pernicious effects continue unabated by those who claim their faith-based beliefs are a justification for the actions that caused them, I feel obligated to point out their lack of substantiation matters far beyond you and me but if and only if you are promoting these kinds of claims on the one hand while refusing to substantiate them on the other.


    1. The evidence is obvious for billions of people, Tildeb. Just as no one would suggest that a mosaic, within a mosaic, within a mosaic was built by the wind, literally BILLIONS of us assign agency to the Great Artist, as we were built to do.

      You are the one who has been convinced that you can’t trust what we see everyday. YOU’RE the one who said that using the “Old 2D model” isn’t good science. (I can link to the quote, if you’d like.)

      Which means you are the one with the burden to prove that somehow order can come out of chaos.


      1. You used your comment for the day, Ark. I don’t know whether your parents kept their word when they said “This is the new rule.” But mine always did. And I’m a mother of my word, too.

        I can hit “spam” on all of your repetitive comments, no problem. That’s how it’s going to work now. Pick a more thoughtful single comment next time!


  3. Except for one MAJOR thing ark you are missing which links the living God who created the dazzling universe, with His express image shown in, and through, the Lord Jesus Christ, and it is this:

    He is the only person who ever lived who ALWAYS told the truth. Always. Why? He IS the Truth, and the way, and the life. His questions were both piercing and penetrating to His antagonists, which by the way, were experts in the law of Moses, and would put you to shame in any Bible study……….they never doubted the accounts of the Old Testament, but they lacked one thing. Their hearts were not right, and they refused to see the light, much like many today, who SAY they see, but are blind as a bat as to the things of God.

    The truth that Christ brought was never seen on earth before in a human. His word was good. Always. He knew about the tomorrows yesterday. He spoke to raging seas and they obeyed. NEVER man spoke like this whose word had authority. Then there was Lazarus. Then there was His own word about His own death, and the subsequent 3 days later.
    People understood how good He was. They are my friends, and they too recognized a good man whose word was very good. It is quite insulting to humanity to find fault with a man who is faultless.

    He is presented, not as a god, but as God, according to the scriptures, wherein lies all the truth of creation and redemption.

    And as a bonus, the New Testament unfolds the grace of God in ways impossible to fabricate by human learning or wisdom.


  4. Marvelous !… Lol… Ur funny.. Nd spot on… Nd u play with sharks… Sometimes I do that too… Am called to write for IPatriot nd blogging is my safer zone . If ur so inclined would luv if you would check out my blog 🙂


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