17 thoughts on “Draw Your Own Conclusions

  1. That one where she called you a “shithead” is actually an extended dialog between she and KIA, regarding how awful you are…

    KIA: “His brand of humor isn’t very funny…”
    Carmen: “I think [John] is descending into the abyss. Next, he’ll be calling women ‘penis homes.’ His daughter has no choice but to support his madness (*sad face*) Their comments make me feel ill at times…”
    KIA: “He really should change the name of his blog. Suggestions, anyone?”
    Carmen: “Rationalization Vacation? (as opposed to Comedy SOJOURN?)”


      1. I forgot about this too.
        This is where Carmen accuses Samaritan’s Purse of profiting from worldwide poverty! Franklin Graham is despicable for founding the charity.

        Then I asked her to give me a link to an atheist charity that is similar in scope to Samaritan’s Purse…you can guess the results.

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  2. Almost makes me want to deconvert. I’ve always wanted to be an abrasive, careless, egotistical, cussing jerk spouting utter nonsense that doesn’t give a fig for other people’s legitimate thoughts and opinions whilst believing the universe revolves around me because I’m never wrong. Such an inspiration. So much to look up to; evolution’s finest work to date.


      1. You should have made your long comment first! Now that one is in spam, and this is the only one people will see.

        It’s a good thing you’re not REALLY interested in dialog. Because, if you wanted to ask a question or make a point, you would have wasted that chance (again).


  3. John,

    Of course she holds you in contempt and is antagonistic.

    You represent God to her. She hates God and His people, and is determined to attempt to bring as many to Hell along with her as she can. Especially children.

    You could also call her an adversary. Which is a translation for “Satan”.

    There is a term that I saw being used for people like that. They are called “evangelical atheists”.

    An evangelical atheist is an atheist who is not content merely with his own lack of faith but is also obsessed with (i) censoring expressions of faith by others and (ii) attempting to sow disbelief in others around him.

    It says something that these folks keep coming back here to see what you will say next. As the saying goes… you are living rent free in their heads.

    When I go about my day, I must say that the blog doesn’t come to mind. I do not fear what the unbelievers have said in my absence, and do not spend hours on multiple blogs engaging them.

    I do, however, spend my day striving to live as Christ wants me to. I try to be intentional in treating others with love, to put others first, help whenever I can, and share the love of Christ with others. I enjoy congregating with other believers to praise God, to serve others, and to make a positive difference in our community.

    In my two score and eight years, I have never been hanging out with a group of believers where the topic of conversation was centered on atheists and how we can eradicate them from existence. We always have better things to do and discuss. Not so with the evangelistic atheists. They gather specifically to oppose Christians.

    So… no promises here, but I am gonna try… I am done with the lot of them. Pearls before swine and all that, I have engaged them, tried to reason with them, and shared the Gospel with them. Now I am hitting the eject button.

    I enjoy the discussions we have had on topics where believers don’t always agree, and I look forward to engaging in some more of them. But I ain’t feeding the trolls no more (said in my native Jersey accent).

    Here’s to hoping they get bored with us and pack it in!


    Matthew 5:16 (ESV) – In the same way, let your light shine before others, so that they may see your good works and give glory to your Father who is in heaven.

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      1. John,

        Trolling among virtual friends is always welcome.

        If you dangle something out there, knowing I will bite, and I fall for it… feel free to enjoy it. Totally fair.

        But then you would have to promise to look me up the next time you are in Hawaii. You have my word there will be no Joey Lagano/Kyle Busch action.



    1. Agreed Dave. I’ve felt the same about our “friends” for quite a while now. I made a couple of earnest attempts early on to share and quickly realized they were only here to attack. I’m just simply bored with their comments. Reading Arkedummy’s same regurgitated comments over and over and over and over is similar to watching a cow chew its cud – except eventually the cow finishes.

      On a positive note though – my appreciation has been rekindled for classic TV shows like “Sanford and Son” and “The Great Grape Ape.” So at the end of the day – the atheists have brought me much joy.


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