This From A White Non-Trumper


I’ve got some explaining to do.

That’s what Phil Vischer says.

Of course he’s right.

I’m a white Christian.

That demands explanation.

PLUS – Donald Trump won the presidential election.

Obviously, I need to account for that too.

So, Phil, I’ll draw upon the insights afforded by my skin color and explain myself.

You said:

“Last night America voted to transition from our first African-American President to our first President in recent memory to receive the full-throated endorsement of the Ku Klux Klan.”

Remember when Barack Obama was endorsed by Reverend Wright?

Man, that was kinda awkward.

But Obama was able to distance himself from Wright because…

…this is important…

…most grown-ups understand that you can’t choose your fans.

How would you respond to this statement, Phil:

“Last night, Jody Foster was voted to be the reason John Hinckley attempted to assassinate Ronald Reagan.”

That Jody Foster needs to explain herself!

What if the Ku Klux Klan gave a full-throated endorsement of Veggie Tales?

Should we dump Bob and Larry because they’ve aligned themselves with evil?

Let’s move on.

You also said:

“The world is growing more brown. America is growing more brown. Global Christianity is growing more brown. More and more of our neighbors – those we’re called by Christ to love – are brown. And yet here we stand, white Christians, having just pushed a man into office who built his campaign on pledges to wall off and otherwise restrict the movements of brown people.”

We used to sing a little ditty in Sunday School when I was a kid.

“Jesus loves the little children. All the children of the world. Red and yellow, black and white. They are precious in his sight. Jesus loves the little children of the world.”

Notice who’s missing from the list?


Even though the brown folks aren’t specifically named, I included them too.

I understood that a person’s skin color is irrelevant to Jesus loving them.

And if you’re good enough for Jesus, you’re good enough for me.

Nobody suggested that we build a wall to restrict the movement of brown people.

The wall is supposed to restrict the movement of CRIMINAL people.

“Red and yellow, black and white. They’re all restricted by the height. The wall keeps criminals from entering our world.”

Notice, Phil, that many prisons have walls around them.

That’s because criminals won’t stay put on their own.

Criminals don’t always follow the rules.

If you lock the doors to your house, Phil, I don’t assume it’s because you’re racist.

I assume you don’t care about the skin color of home invaders.

It’d be swell if (even though I’m white) you would give me the same benefit of a doubt.

And finally, you said this:

“How do I share the love of Jesus with a brown-skinned neighbor if I’ve voted to have them deported?”

Well, Phil, we only deport people who are in the country illegally.

We don’t round up folks and ship them over the border because of their brown-ness.

It has nothing to do with love.

It has everything to do with the law.

Let’s rewrite your question and get rid of the racist overtones:

“How do I share the love of Jesus with murderers if I’ve voted to have them jailed?”

Now, Phil, don’t go all crazy and think I’m saying all immigrants are murderers.


I’m explaining myself as per your request.

You share the love of Jesus with murderers the same way you share it with…

…well…with people like me!

You humbly explain that we’re all sinners separated from God.

Jesus payed the price for the sin of murder, or illegal immigration…

…or being born a white guy.

…or voting for Trump.

…or voting for Hillary.

…or piously voting for neither.

That’s the best explanation I can give you.

118 thoughts on “This From A White Non-Trumper

      1. I’m thinking of writing a response to that one myself. This line jumped out at me: “When 90% of black evangelicals opposed a candidate whom 80% of white evangelicals supported, can we really say the body of Christ is colorblind?” This says to me that it’s the white person’s job to get their votes approved by black Christians…and that it’s entirely OUR FAULT when there’s a cultural difference of opinion.

        So, I’m thinking of writing a satirical piece demanding that Black Christians explain themselves for not voting for Trump.


  1. At the risk of sounding like Ed McMahon to your Johnny: Your argument is, spot on, sir. YESSSSS!!

    Even better, you make it without rancor, spite, personal attack (ad hominim for the pros out there) or tantrum. A little humor for seasoning lubricated the rebuttal and I’ll be darned if this doesn’t appear to be reasoned discourse!

    This is the way we should always approach disagreements between *brothers and sisters*… with wisdom and grace. That’s how we can love someone while still not allowing them to get away with saying and doing things that might eventually hurt themselves, their walk with Christ, other believers and other non-believers.

    My hope is that Phil, ever the humorist, meant for his opinion to be taken lightly rather than as a call to action of some sort. If we assume the former, then I think your post was a perfect step towards common sense discourse; firm but with love.

    Nice job. (but don’t get a big head)

    Christ is King!


    **Brothers and sisters in Christ.** The other kind (siblings) still need random pranks, violence bordering on torture (the kind you laugh about only decades later) shame and embarrassment, to show love for someone you had no choice in whether you could live with them or not.


  2. John,

    What disturbed me a lot about Mr. V’s posts, as picked up by at least one of his commenters, was how fluidly he used the liberal, kneejerk “buzzwords”. Whenever I hear someone use “dog whistle”, that identifies them pretty quickly as an indoctrinated liberal. I hope I am missing the mark on Mr. V.

    But his liberal-sounding stances on marriage and why people voted for a certain candidate (I voted for Darrell Castle of the Constitution Party, but shed no tears that he didn’t win) make me cautious about using his Bible teaching resources. Will he shy away from some things Scripture teaches, as it does not fit his political ideology? I am not sure. I would hope not, but I am not sure. Better to use resources that come from a source I do not have to wonder about, says me.

    We, as fallen humans, will always have to deal with our own bias. But to not teach the full counsel of God, as it would be politically incorrect, is a grave sin. I pray that Mr. V does not mean that, but with how he buzzworded his way through his blog, I do not see how it will not color his view of Scripture (Pun SO not intended… I almost rephrased that last sentence, but I won’t. I know what I mean, and there are no dog whistles involved).

    As I told a co-worker the other day, though I didn’t vote for Trump, I am not in fear that he will diminish our rights in his presidency as Clinton would have. And that, as Martha Stewart would say, is a good thing.


    Acts 20:26-27 (ESV) – Therefore I testify to you this day that I am innocent of the blood of all, for I did not shrink from declaring to you the whole counsel of God.


  3. I’ve noticed that my melanin has decreased since my younger days. I don’t tan very well these days. I’ve become extra white.

    Does that make me extra racist?

    I suppose I’m white because I’m either 31/32 Irish-ish and 1/32 Cherokee (or 15/16 Irish-ish and 1/16 Cherokee – our family is unsure if my Great Grandfather was 1/2 or 1/4 Cherokee).

    Either way – how does my white self explain all of this to my red self?

    Speaking of white – I don’t recall any white vegetables on Veggie Tales.

    Where’s the cauliflower? Where are the onions?



  4. As you lot are obviously a lot more informed about the American Political Scene than I am ever likely to be , what does Trump stand for and when he says he will make America great again what does he mean?

    You voted for him ( I presume) so you must know exactly what he is talking about because the little I read or watched simply left me more in the dark than before.

    Why did you vote for him?


      1. Well, Hillary is also a deeply corrupt, pathological liar who used her political position to enrich herself personally.

        But, yeah, it comes down to which candidate thinks we shouldn’t kill babies before they’re born.


      2. So your vote was emotional rather than based on Trumps likely or otherwise ability to be a good chief exec.
        Do you not feel any shame electing a man to the most powerful position in the world who has a rape charge pending?


      3. I am just curious if you would have voted differently had it been your daughter, Amanda, that Trump had raped, or groped or disparaged.
        If you would have still ‘ticked’ the ballot paper in the same square if your kid was next to you crying after Trump had violated her in some way.
        I think you have actually answered the question, John.

        Liked by 1 person

      4. I don’t see the relevance?
        Can you explain?
        I don’t know the religious leanings of either Trump or Clinton. I never heard anything mentioned.

        How does your kid feel knowing her old man voted for a (possible/probable) rapist and known rank misogynist?


      5. Why would i need a religion? You are a Christian and you are almost celebrating rape and misogyny.
        At the very least you are giving Trump tacit approval for his actions.
        And that you would have acted the same had it been your own kid and still voted for him …
        That you seem to be treating this as something of a joke is equally as disturbing.

        What can one say.

        Liked by 1 person

      6. You should have enough to go to your blog and discuss how wretched I am. But just in case, here’s another quote.

        “I knew Trump was a deeply flawed individual and I voted for him anyway. “


      7. I think you are not well, Branyon.
        And if you believe this is some sort of wind up then you are quite frankly disgusting.
        You should truly be ashamed of yourself.
        YOu don’t make jokes about rape.
        You don’t make jokes about abusing women in any fashion. Period.
        That you have not even hinted at any sort of condemnation for Trump’s actions is mind blowing.


      8. Ark, you’re not going to get any further pretending to care about me and my well-being than you did using my children.

        I don’t appreciate being used as a pawn…

        Lots of women voted for Trump precisely because they’re tired of being told that supporting certain candidates automatically makes a person “Misogynist.” ESPECIALLY when the people wagging their fingers only defend women when it suits them. I’ve never been insulted by Donald Trump. I HAVE been called names by you, though.


      9. I am not pretending to care Amanda.
        I am merely asking your old man if it were you Trump had raped or molested or disparaged n the way he has done would h still have voted for him.
        Seems he doesn’t want to answer now he is faced with the reality of his own kid being in this position.

        Only your state of mind…

        Liked by 1 person

      10. And what I’m telling you is: his kid wouldn’t be crying over being “disparaged.”

        His kid doesn’t make a big, dramatic scene when an old guy says ugly words. I’m not a cry-baby.

        You ought to know that from personal experience.


      11. Trump has a rape charge pending from a (then) 13 year old child and all you can talk about is an old guy saying ugly words?
        And you feel nothing for this child?


      12. No one condones rape. (Even people like you, who have no reason for being angry about it…) If Trump actually raped a 13-year-old, then it’s inexcusable.

        You know why?

        Because we live in a world where, if I wanted to accuse you and KIA of making me feel unsafe, I could ruin your lives. Based on the screenshots I have of the way you’ve talked to ME, and if I were a manipulative woman who wanted to play the victim, I would accuse you of whatever I wanted. And that accusation would be enough to destroy your reputation forever. People always rally around the woman yelling “RAPE!” even if/when it turns out it never happened.


      13. Yes–this may come as a surprise to you, but sometimes I have conversations with my dad in person. And I actually knew who he was planning to vote for ahead of time.

        He went back and forth and considered writing in a different candidate (which is what I did). But he ultimately went with Trump.

        And, somehow, I think I’ll survive. 😉


      14. Oh, I am sure you will.

        That you agree with his choice says oodles about you as much as it says about your old man.

        Just don’t get pissy if the misogynist aggression starts flying.
        And remember: You endorsed one.


      15. I just said I didn’t agree. I didn’t vote for Trump.

        But I understand why it’s blowing your mind that two people can disagree and still not hate each other.

        Your misogynist aggression would still be flying, even if Hillary had won. And THAT’S why I know many women who DID vote for Trump… they’re tired of being told who to vote for…by jerks.


      16. You said I agreed with his choice.

        I didn’t agree with his choice.

        I believe in voting FOR people you like. My dad was okay with voting AGAINST the person he disliked.

        So we disagree.


      17. It is still an endorsement. And that was what I was saying.

        That it could have been YOU who was the victim of sexual abuse from Trump, let alone rape, and he would still disregard this and STILL vote for Trump.

        Please tell me you can see something not quite right with this picture?


      18. No, it isn’t an endorsement of rape, Ark. That’s what I’m saying… Go ahead and keep repeating that every person who voted for Trump is a misogynist who endorses rape.

        Please. Say it a few more times, so everyone can be sure that’s your claim.

        I’ll keep laughing at the fact that your scripted outrage is EXACTLY WHY many people voted for Trump in the first place.

        Here’s a video to explain it to you. (And he even uses your favorite word a few times! So, language warning .) Sure, you’re not protesting with fire and spray paint like these yahoos. But the hissy fit mud-slinging you’re doing as an internet warrior comes from the same place: the inability to explain yourself without getting taken over by emotions. The arrogance and blame-throwing when things don’t go your way is exactly what Republicans are sick of. Congratulations on ushering Trump to victory…


      19. Trump is a known mysogynist.
        Trump has a history of abuse and denigrating woman.
        Trump has a rape charge pending.
        Your father voted for him.
        Are you saying he was right for voting for Trump?


      20. You didn’t have the time to watch that video, Ark! I’m disappointed.

        I’m saying that I disagree with people who voted for Trump. But I know exactly why they did it. They’re tired of hearing the mindless regurgitation of propaganda from people like you. Over and over and over they’re called racists, misogynists, and homophobes. They have to listen to talking points like, “Trump is a misogynist” and “Trump denigrates women” from hypocrites like you. Those tactics don’t impress the American public anymore. Libs are going to have to actually start thinking and reasoning instead of just making moral accusations, if they want to win next time…

        Look, here’s a different guy, with a really filthy mouth, who can explain it to you in your language:


      21. “People keep saying to me, ‘How could this happen?’ They’re dumbfounded. But the Left did this. This is my fault–people like me. When are we going to learn? The Left have given up putting any argument across at all… [They say] “Oh, but she’s better than Trump.” SORRY, THAT’S NOT GOOD ENOUGH. Clearly. Clearly it’s not good enough. And if I hear more more [censored] tweet with a hashtag #TrumpWins next to a hashtag #EveryDaySexism, I’m going to drop a [censored] bullock! Not everyone that voted for Trump is a sexist or a racist…”

        That’s a liberal who actually knows how to think, Ark. I’m not trying to lecture you. I’m trying to let another liberal do it.


      22. So it’s morally acceptable to turn a blind eye to Trump’s behavior, proven and alleged?
        We have a leader in power in South Africa.who was also accused of rape.
        I am familiar with the mentality that ignores this behavior , Amanda.
        And you come close to personifying it.


      23. I guess, to answer my own question, what you need is for me to quote from that video some more.

        “How many times does the vote have to NOT go our way before we will learn that our argument isn’t won by hurling labels and insults?”

        My best guess is that Jonathan Pie doesn’t believe Trump ACTUALLY raped a 13-year-old girl either. Just like I don’t believe Hillary Clinton ACTUALLY hired to have people killed. I feel sorry for the people (like you) who rely on sensationalism to make their “arguments.”

        “When will we learn that the key is discussion? If you are unwilling to discuss, then you are creating the conditions in which Donald Trump can thrive.”


      24. Before you drag this ridiculous thread through the back alleys of your somewhat depraved sense of reality.
        Let’s back up a little.

        Your father stated that, if you had been the person filing rape charges against Donald Trump he would still have voted for him.

        I think we have to look at everything else in light of this, don’t you, Amanda? His is your own father.

        You will obviously make of this what you will.
        But I, nor anyone I know personally, would ever turn against their own child in such a situation.
        But your father has no such qualms.

        Tell us if you see anything not quite right with this picture, Amanda?


      25. See, Dad, this is why your sarcasm is unhelpful.

        Poor souls who literally believe every thing they read on the internet can’t figure out when they’re being played.
        Trump rapes teenagers and Hillary has people murdered.



      26. That you think that you are even remotely funny, aptly demonstrates why you are both quite ill and are so indoctrinated you have not the faintest idea when you are been hung out to dry.


      27. Yes, Ark. You’ve thoroughly embarrassed my dad and I with your air-tight case that Trump is a rapist.

        I also heard he likes to cook kittens for dinner. The Monster!!!


      28. Airtight case? Who said anything about such a thing?
        I think you are missing the point.
        It is bad enough that he would vote for Trump, based on his history, but that he would sideline you and still vote for him.
        I shouldn’t be surprised, of course, and even if he is simply taking the piss, this merely demonstrates how sick your old man is.


      29. Everyone reading knows that YOU said such a thing. Trump is a rapist. John would vote for his daughter’s rapist.

        You actually can’t separate fact from fiction, you poor thing!

        YOU are the reason Trump won. People who think like you.

        Memorize this: “The LEFT is responsible for this vote! Because the LEFT has now decided that any other opinion–any other way of looking at the world–is unacceptable. We don’t debate any more… So, if you’re on the right, you’re a freak. You’re evil. You’re racist. You’re stupid. When has anyone ever been persuaded by being insulted?”


      30. I am not American. I did not vote in your election.

        November 12, 2016 at 4:12 pm
        So would you feel equally as fine if Amanda was the one filing charges of rape against Trump? When she was 13?
        Would you still have voted for him?

        John Branyan
        November 12, 2016 at 4:20 pm


      31. Yes, Ark. I saw. I saw that you assumed Trump was a rapist, in order to ask my dad a loaded question. He’s mocking you.
        He’s having fun at your expense.
        He’s laughing at you.

        OF COURSE he wouldn’t vote for my rapist. But would he vote for someone who had been accused of rape by someone who could be lying? Obviously, yes. Just as millions of people voted for an accused-murderer.

        It’s politics.

        People throw mud.

        And the fact that libs have done nothing but throw mud for decades is why Trump was elected. No one believes he’s a rapist. They believe people like you are gullible fools who don’t know how to think and only know how to insult.

        Libs lose.


      32. As I said, he has a sick sense of humour.

        That he thinks it is funny in any sense to make jokes about sexual assault and abuse is probably the reason he isn’t very funny per se.

        He only thinks he is laughing at me.
        He is actually making an ass of himself.
        A True Christian personified.


      33. Uh-huh…
        And you realize we’re back at square one, right?
        With me telling you to stop pretending to care about MY well-being, in order to make yourself look compassionate?

        Remember, when I said most Trump-supporting women are tired of jerks like you trying to save them from old men using ugly words?

        He’s making an ass of himself. And the libs still lost.

        That’s how utterly stupid their views are.


      34. My main concern was your father stating he would vote for Trump even if you were the one filing the rape charges.
        A point you don’t seem too concerned about.

        That’s how utterly stupid your views are.


      35. I did. The fact he thinks it is funny , well that merely demonstrates how sick he is, and as i have stressed on several occasions, why he just isn’t funny.
        One does not make jokes about sexual abuse .
        Well , your father does, obviously, but normal people don’t.
        It’s about time he grew up a little ( if this is at all possible) and learned to behave a lot more responsibly don’t you think?
        Or do you both sit around hugging yourselves thinking what jolly fun it is to tell rape jokes, hmm?


      36. What’s REALLY funny is that religious conservatives have gotten the reputation for being humorless prudes who clutch their pearls when something upsets them…

        You’d make an excellent Catholic woman, Ark. Boo-hoo.

        “It’s time to stop moaning. It’s time to stop crying…it’s time to stop ignoring your opponents, or worse, trying to silence them…”

        “And, if my mansplaining is triggering you, then you can either F@#$ off to your safe space, or you can engage and debate me and you can tell me what I’m getting wrong.”

        “Trump just won the White House. Being offended doesn’t work any more. Throwing insults doesn’t work ANY MORE.”


      37. People who don’t think like me voted for Jacob Zuma.
        You are ignorant and naive Amanda.It’s about time you grow up a little, don’t you think? After all, you pushing thirty. Maturity should have kickedi n by now, surely?
        And for the record do some research on the best run local councils in South Africa.
        Trust me, you aren’t anywhere near as smart as you think you are.


      38. “Insults won’t work ANY MORE… Every time someone on the Left says, ‘You mustn’t say THAT!’ they are contributing to this culture…”

        The culture he is referencing is Liberalism, and conservatives across the globe are sick of it. I don’t know anyone who voted FOR Trump. They voted AGAINST Liberal stupidity.


      39. Goodnight, Amanda.
        Try and grow up a little. Then maybe you can pass on what you learn to your father.
        He might even learn to be come funny.
        But jokes about sexual assault aren’t funny. Really they’re not.


      40. “People keep saying to me, ‘How could this happen?’ They’re dumbfounded. But the Left did this. This is my fault–people like me. When are we going to learn? The Left have given up putting any argument across at all…”

        Nothing but insults. Poor things.


      41. Well *I* know that… (And I also know that you wouldn’t vote for my rapist.) But I thought I actually had a chance to explain this to him with the video of A FELLOW LIBERAL ranting about why their side lost. And it’s hard when he keeps making me speak for you.


      42. I’m serious! There have been dozens of reports of hate crimes in the last few days. And ALL OF THEM include Trump paraphernalia, or a note that includes a Trump hashtag.

        It’s very convenient for the victims who want to tell police EXACTLY what motivated all of these attackers.


      43. Hillary is pro abortion so the rights of her husband’s sexual assault victims to kill the results of his rapes can be protected.


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