Of Course I’m Right, I’m A Pastor!

  The title ‘Pastor’ does not imbue your opinions with extra spiritual importance. You can be wrong about stuff… …Even if you’ve preached at Liberty University! There are some philosophical problems with your blog. I want to discuss them with you. But I don’t want my method to become the topic of conversation. You said: “I am … More Of Course I’m Right, I’m A Pastor!

Holy Useless

Paul said this to Timothy: “ Alexander the metalworker did me a great deal of harm. The Lord will repay him for what he has done.  You too should be on your guard against him, because he strongly opposed our message.” (2nd Timothy 14-15) Easy for Paul to say. He was writing comfortably from a prison cell. … More Holy Useless

Might As Well Trump

I like Donald Trump. I think he’ll make a terrible President. Really. He’ll be awful. So what? We’ve had almost 20 years of terrible Presidents. Terrible is standard White House protocol. Hillary will be a terrible President. Bernie Sanders will be a terrible President.   A Trump presidency will be a disaster too. Unlike all … More Might As Well Trump

What A Fool Says

The fool says in his heart , “There is no God.” I had an online conversation with a fool recently. This fool’s position is…”there is no evidence at all for Jesus Christ!” This is a claim worthy of a world-class fool since it’s absurd to the point of comical. It started innocently enough. The December … More What A Fool Says

Thanks For Nothing

I handed my money to the toll booth lady. As I pulled away I said, “Thank you.” …and couldn’t stop thinking about that. Our encounter left me three dollars poorer. …and I had to wait in line to fork over the money. She did raise the little gate and let me pass. But she’s obligated to … More Thanks For Nothing

Rich Christians Suck

Have you heard the one about the televangelists and their planes? Two super-rich preachers having a conversation about how a private jet can improve your prayer life. It’s hilarious! Until you realize they’re not joking. As it slowly dawned on me that they were serious… …a cringe crept over my entire body. …mere mortals cannot … More Rich Christians Suck