Be Merry! Smell This!

Dr Squatch Soap

It is a well-established tradition in America.

Christmas means Bigfoot.

And when you think of Bigfoot…

…you think of personal hygiene.

So Dr. Squatch Soap is the ideal yuletide gift.

And I have some to give away:


This is my favorite soap.

(I didn’t even HAVE a favorite soap until Dr. Squatch.)

Not just because it smells manly…

…but because it has a sense of humor.

Most body cleansers are stuffy and unapproachable.

Dr. Squatch will drink coffee with you or help you move furniture.*

*(Claims not officially endorsed by Dr. Squatch Soap Co.)

I’ll send a bar of Dr. Squatch to the people who write the best Christmas lyrics with a sasquatch theme. Use the hashtag #ChristmasSquatch

Here are a few examples to get you started:

“Have yourself a hairy little Christmas… #ChristmasSquatch”

“Up on the housetop Bigfoot paws.  Seems he thinks he’s Santa Claus… #ChristmasSquatch”

“Here comes Squatchy Claus. Here comes Squatchy Claus… #ChristmasSquatch”

“What fun it is to shower and sing with Yeti soap tonight… #ChristmasSquatch”

You get the idea…

Make me laugh and I’ll ship you a bar of Dr. Squatch.

No other mythical creature will offer more this season.



5 thoughts on “Be Merry! Smell This!

  1. Oh come all ye Yeti, to my trap gigrungeous.
    Oh come Squatch, oh come Squatch into my cage.
    Come and be held by scientists so curious.
    Oh come let us bisect you.
    Oh come let us dissect you.
    Oh come let us connect with you, Yeti mine.


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