No Judgement Here

I know how much it bothers you to be judged. So I’m not going to do it. I haven’t lived your life. I’ve not drunk from the fountain of your experience. I’ve never swung from the limbs of your consciousness tree. I’ve never cashed a reality check at your bank of moral perspective. I get … More No Judgement Here

This Is Who REALLY Won The GOP Debate

Donald Trump. He’s the candidate that everyone admires. Brash. Unapologetic. Confident. We love that! We don’t even notice his lack of substance. So… I’m going to write this like Donald Trump. I’ve done a lot of stuff. I’ve written books. I’ve performed on stage. I’ve made money. I’ve been successful. People like me. I talked … More This Is Who REALLY Won The GOP Debate

Three Ways Pagans Turn Christians Off

I’ve read a lot of these articles recently. Essentially, Christians are getting in the way of the Gospel. People would be flocking to church except… …that’s where all the Christians hang out. We Christians are trying. Listening to you non-believers… Practicing tolerance… Adjusting our doctrine to accommodate your lifestyle… Allowing the words Jesus didn’t say … More Three Ways Pagans Turn Christians Off