Why You Don’t Want A Biblical Marriage

Anyone who claims, “A Biblical marriage is a healthy marriage”… …hasn’t read the Bible. Couples described in the Bible are perfect if… …you’re casting a marriage episode of Jerry Springer. There’s Adam and Eve. I don’t think they were technically ‘married’. They didn’t know about it until after they ate from the tree. They needed knowledge of good and evil… … More Why You Don’t Want A Biblical Marriage

Your Marriage Sucks But It’s Not Your Fault

Do you know this couple? She: “We’re best friends!” He: “We never fight!” She: “He’s thoughtful and patient!” He: “She’s always smiling. She smells great!” They: “Marriage is fantastic!” Perhaps you heard them speak at a marriage conference. Maybe you bought their book. There’s always a book. They wrote it together… …in between hugs, giggles … More Your Marriage Sucks But It’s Not Your Fault

How To Stay In The Relationship Thrill Ride

I’ve heard relationships compared to journeys. “Love is a path you walk together.” Journey maybe. Path, definitely not. Love isn’t a path… …road, street, highway, interstate, turnpike or gravel driveway. It’s a roller coaster track. If you’re smart… …when you climb aboard the train, you’ll pull that shoulder restraint down. …that’s marriage. Without it, the ride might … More How To Stay In The Relationship Thrill Ride

Saturday School #4 – Defending Your Faith

We’re winding down the Saturday School because… …I’ve learned everything there is to know about humanism and atheism. As I’ve been reminded by the proponents… …It’s not terribly difficult to understand. However, it does seem to be difficult to explain. This is because analysis reveals atheism’s philosophical deficiency. The more the worldview is explained… …the weaker … More Saturday School #4 – Defending Your Faith

On Women and Love: A Scientific Inquiry

Recently, someone told me: Everything can be explained by science. Which I found to be a bold assertion. So I asked him to explain ‘Love’. Emotional sensations of any kind are the result of complex chemical interactions within a living organism. Living organisms? …so my Teddy Bear doesn’t love me back? There is no scientific reason … More On Women and Love: A Scientific Inquiry

Fifty Shades of Coleslaw

Because it doesn’t matter. That’s why the title. This isn’t about coleslaw. You didn’t click for coleslaw anyway. Admit it! 100 million copies. That’s how many times these lines were repeated: “My inner goddess is beside herself, hopping from foot to foot.” “My inner goddess is doing the merengue with some salsa moves.” “I must be … More Fifty Shades of Coleslaw

Hating on Love

Love. I hate it. The word, I mean. Misused and overused. Love regularly gets recklessly shuffled into shopworn statements. It’s used to proclaim everything from affection for human beings… …to fondness for fruit salad. We could learn a lot from the Greeks. Firstly, they invented gyros. Secondly, they had multiple words for Love. We ought to do that. Use the word, … More Hating on Love

Forbidden Love Confessed

The following post will expose raw emotions. To avoid being confronted with uncomfortable truths, stop reading now! You find yourself inexplicably attracted to someone… …do you tell them? …What if they’re married? …What if they’re a gorilla? A real gorilla. But not just any old gorilla… …THIS GORILLA! He lives in the Tokyo zoo. His name … More Forbidden Love Confessed