Be A Genius Without Knowing Stuff

You agnostics. That’s quite a racket you’ve got going. Selling abject thoughtlessness as intellectual superiority. Your most profound and compelling truth statement is, I don’t know. Which isn’t exactly true. You do know at least one thing… …I am wrong. I believe God exists. And nobody can know for sure. So you point it out to me. You can’t be certain … More Be A Genius Without Knowing Stuff

A Better Human Sacrifice

There are many ways to improve a civilization. Civilization improves when people start doing some things. Like growing crops. Or bathing more than annually. And Civilization improves when people stop doing other things. Like sacrificing babies to worship various gods. Our ancestors did that. Superstitious savages. We don’t do that anymore. Statistics show it would hinder church growth. …Parents wouldn’t feel comfortable leaving kids in the … More A Better Human Sacrifice

Flaws of Fundamentalism

** Wrote this last year. Reposted it because I remembered how awesome it was… ** Dogma. It’s not what a puppy calls its mother. It’s religious doctrine that’s held without proof. For example: …the belief that there is no God. Relativism. It’s not government by your relatives. It’s dogma. The belief that morality changes relative … More Flaws of Fundamentalism

What Manner of Evil?

Week 4 Recapping last week. If you take organization to mean ‘a pattern’, then there are lots of examples in nature. If you take organization to mean ‘a house rising from a pile of bricks’, then we’ve not seen it yet. I find the need to be VERY specific about terms quite tedious. You non-theists … More What Manner of Evil?

I’ll Give You a Quarter for Your Self Respect

My family buys cheap groceries. The grocery store cuts corners in order to reduce overhead. Thus reducing the price of groceries. One of the money saving schemes is …they chain the carts together in a row. You have to insert a quarter into the locking mechanism to get a cart. When you’re finished with the cart, you return … More I’ll Give You a Quarter for Your Self Respect

How to Know If You’re Arrogant

Put your finger on your wrist. Can you feel your pulse? If yes… …you’re arrogant. If no… …stop reading and have a friend drive you to the hospital. Arrogant used to mean: feelings of undeserved importance because of overbearing pride… Now it basically means: expressing opinions that you believe are correct… Any staunchly held opinion is ‘arrogant’ in American … More How to Know If You’re Arrogant

What Is Evidence To You?

Last week’s Saturday School featured some energetic discussion. Thanks to all attendees and participants! Both questions posed were effectively answered. Question 1: Can you give an example of life arising from non-life? Answer 1: No. (Someone suggested ‘abiogenesis’ as an example of life arising from non-life. Claiming abiogenesis as an example of life rising from non-life is like …claiming … More What Is Evidence To You?