If Mary Was A Feminist

On this special day, I’m reading from the Feminist Bible: Luke 1:46-55 And Mary said: “My soul glorifies females everywhere my spirit rejoices in womanhood. God is mindful now of my empowered gender. From now on all generations will call me brave. For the Mighty One has sought to objectify me but the patriarchy has not prevailed. His … More If Mary Was A Feminist

You Think They’re Real But You’re Wrong

What’s your favorite mythical creature? The unicorn? The leprechaun? Mine is the atheist. Legend ascribes great powers to atheists. An Intellect that can bore holes in solid steel and religious doctrine. The ability to shoot science from their fingertips. The power to repel bullets with sheer skepticism. And while they seem to be real people… …they’re not. They’re … More You Think They’re Real But You’re Wrong

This Will Make You Puke

Kidnappers, thieves, rapists and murderers… …I’m just like you! That’s what I’m supposed to say. Nobody’s perfect. I’ve got to lose my self righteousness. Gotta stop acting child abuse is worse than coffee addiction. I’ve got issues too! (“Issues” are what religious bigots call “sin”.) And when I don’t acknowledge my own issues… …I’m “driving people away from Jesus” DRIVING … More This Will Make You Puke

Smarter than God

Gravity. A universal constant. We can’t muck around with it. Because God knows we would. We’d be adjusting it all the time. Changing it to do “good things”. Prevent avalanches. Stop bathroom falls. End skydiving fatalities. Save lives. Fix problems. …and ultimately destroy life on Earth. We can’t survive without those fixed regulations. So the rules of … More Smarter than God

Listen To Me Die

A new commandment has slipped into the Gospel. Christians throw it around all the time. Listen. Don’t speak. Don’t offer advice. Certainly don’t preach. Just listen. Hear people out. Understand them. It’s the newest (and therefore, THE BEST) way to emulate Jesus. A quick read through the New Testament… Never mind. Don’t bother. Just take … More Listen To Me Die

How To Kill a Compliment

I’m an expert at rejecting compliments. Whenever someone dares fire a kind word in my direction, I employ one of several defensive techniques. Sometimes I argue with the compliment. “You’re writing is so thoughtful.” No it’s not. You’re too easily impressed. BOOM! Rejected! This technique not only voids the compliment, …it also questions the compliment giver’s intelligence. … More How To Kill a Compliment