Don’t Read This on Thanksgiving

  Happy Black Thursday! If the date is November 27th, shame on you! Wasting time reading. When there’s thanking to do! Let me list the things for which I am most thankful. Coupon mailings Newspaper circulars Extended store hours Early store openings Three Days until Cyber Monday Cyber Monday Credit card limit increases Mortgage refinancing The family … More Don’t Read This on Thanksgiving

The Jesus Proxy

  As for me and my house, we will serve the Lord… …if Payton Manning does. Let’s be honest. Christianity’s main selling point is forgiveness of sins. Which was great a few centuries ago. …when there was such a thing. But nobody sins anymore. If you think I’m wrong, …you’re being judgmental. That’s almost sin. But we’ll forgive … More The Jesus Proxy

Learning from Vandalism

“Jason was here” Truth, no doubt. If we trust the spray painted lettering on the wall. And if we can’t have confidence in graffiti …we’re in sad shape indeed. Jason’s proclamation stirs me deeply. I want to know his motives. Maybe this is one of several Jasons I know. If that’s true, he could have called me. “Hey John! It’s Jason. I’m … More Learning from Vandalism

Love Quotient

I’m not a physicist. So I’m not qualified to talk about love. Discussions of passion are most appropriate in labs and research centers. Love is best understood by those professionally trained in science. The best poets are brain surgeons. Please remember this as you read my amateur analysis. I think love is something I give. Deliberately. Which means I already have it. … More Love Quotient

Voting Fraud

Tomorrow is an important day. Tomorrow we vote. We select the people who control our destiny! Those responsible for every hardship that befalls us. Our scapegoats. Will we… be able to learn a skill? learn to read or write? learn to play guitar? be employed? own a home? acquire food? find love? These questions are answered in the … More Voting Fraud