Out of Outrage

  The tank is just so big. My outrage tank I mean. Doesn’t hold an infinite supply. Once it’s empty, I’m done. Can’t keep up my indignation. And I’ve almost burned the entire tankful. On stuff like child abuse, abortion and tyranny. All I have left for stuff like this …is mockery. To the people of Nebraska: you’ll have … More Out of Outrage

Violent Vittles

Before I decide to take this group’s message to heart… I need to know what I’m letting myself in for. There are 50 billion eggs produced in the United States. If just half of those eggs hatch, that’s 25 billion chickens (or ‘Snows’ if you prefer). If the 316 million people in America are willing to adopt these creatures, … More Violent Vittles

Bring It On

  Happened upon this quote on an atheist Twitter feed. All I’ve got to say is: Me too, Isaac! Let the evidence speak! The wild and ridiculous claim that this universe exists without a Creator needs to be accompanied by some observation and measurements and confirmation by independent observers. Bring it on! I’ll believe anything! UPDATE: … More Bring It On

Good for Nothing

  To my new friend who claims to be “good for no reason…” Twitter is a difficult format for discussion. Barely enough space to complete a thought. I need a few more lines of dialogue than Twitter affords. My first tweet playfully implies that evidence for God’s existence is abundant. Since you requested specific evidence, I assume you’re considering … More Good for Nothing

Devilish Classes

  Let’s play a game. I’ll list some words. Love Acceptance Care Friends Patience Happiness Now, tell me what religious ideology comes to your mind. Satanism? You’re right! I’ll admit I’ve never put “love” and “demon worship” together. My bigotry on display. Then I read this article and I learned Satanism isn’t really about Satan! Turns out, Satanists are … More Devilish Classes

Bad Beat

  The science is settled! Settled! “But…” No! Shut up! It’s settled! Don’t tell me about your personal experience. You were spanked as a child and you feel like you turned out okay. You didn’t! Far from it. Here’s what the science says: “Because of the physical domino effect of stress to the child…physical punishment … More Bad Beat