Humor Calculator

Have you got a sense of humor? ‘Yes! Of course I do!’ Are you sure? You seem kind of uptight. Don’t be offended! I’m not saying you don’t have a sense of humor! I’m saying your sense of humor could be dulled. Like your sense of smell with a stuffy nose. Like your sense of taste … More Humor Calculator

Emotional Psychic

Bogus. I don’t need to do that. I already know what it’s like to be you. I have supernatural powers of empathy. I feel exactly what you feel. Don’t have to walk in your shoes. Don’t have to live a day in your life. I am tuned in to your emotions. Need proof? You’re feeling skeptical. You doubt my claim of … More Emotional Psychic

Collective Jockstrap

Recently joined a group on Facebook. You should join too. (I’m not trying to tell you what to do! I’m offering a suggestion! Not a command…) It’s a support group. For everyone. The members of this group are tolerant. You will find support for any cause you champion. Ask a question and it will be answered … More Collective Jockstrap

Sacred Sarcasm

Scolded recently for my use of sarcasm. Told that sarcasm isn’t helpful in serious conversation. This insight changed everything for me. (The above sentence is sarcasm.) This is not the first time I’ve been reprimanded. Sorry. (…that was a little sarcastic too.) I get annoyed when people point out my sarcasm. Like I don’t recognize it. Like I’m not even … More Sacred Sarcasm

Book Work

  Found an ‘ABC children’s book’ called A is for Activist. Great little starter book for the children of liberal progressives. Helps teach kids how to whine about social issues. Informs them about the evils of corporations and petroleum. Assists them in conceptualizing that homosexuality is just a normal expression of love. Of course, I couldn’t … More Book Work

Hell’s Tourism

In a recent conversation someone told me, “We were on the vacation from Hell.” I have no sympathy for these people. Who buys a vacation package from Hell? From what I’ve read, …the business model rates very low in customer satisfaction. Probably because it’s a tough place to be employed. Eternal fire with worms that never die … More Hell’s Tourism

Misplaced Celebration

Why do I get so much attention on my birthday? I had very little to do with my nascence. Don’t remember any of it. I’ve heard stories though. Apparently, I was uncooperative. Disrespectful of everyone’s time. I dawdled. Evicting me required my dear mother to incorporate painful contractions. In short, my behavior was childish. So what’s with the … More Misplaced Celebration

Privilege Claimed

You who’ve followed my blog recently, (I’m talking to both of you) Have read my thoughts on the subject of ‘White Privilege’. Succinctly, …I was critical of the concept. Reluctant to concede that I’m afforded rights I have not earned. …pridefully insisting that I enjoy no undeserved advantages. I’ve changed my mind. Christian faith will not … More Privilege Claimed

Caucasian Apology

Recently posted an article on the subject of white privilege. Not surprisingly I missed the whole point. That’s what a friend of mine told me. He’s a pastor in a large church. And he has black people on staff. So if he says I missed the point, I did. The point was that teaching values … More Caucasian Apology