Poor Cures

  Saw a photo documentary on poor people in New York. Helpful. Sort of an expose’ on how to live below the poverty line. In the United States, poverty requires diligence. You have to be consistent. Let your guard down for a moment, commit a single act of personal responsibility and your empire of impoverishment could evaporate. … More Poor Cures

Color Me Racist

Gonna try something today. It’s a popular method of attracting attention. Gonna take a shot at being offended. Bear with me. It’s my first time. Here we go… Benjamin Moore paint company is racist! They have paint named “Eggshell White” As a white man, I’m outraged. It offends me to have my ethnicity linked to a chicken … More Color Me Racist

Benefit of Oblivious

  The most powerful force on Earth is stupidity. Morons are the mightiest beings among us. TSA Precheck. It speeds up the process of going through airport security. It’s great. Or,  it was great. But then… Morons. There is a qualification process that enables you to use the TSA Precheck line. … A ‘Precheck’  if … More Benefit of Oblivious

2nd Hand Death

  It kills! Millions die every year! It says so on a billboard. So I’m sure it’s true. Still, I wonder… How do we know? Vending machines kill 13 people every year. I believe it. Wouldn’t take a forensic expert to make that call. “We found him squashed under the candy machine.” Obviously, vending machine killed … More 2nd Hand Death

Noble Ambivalence

The memes have spoken! This one:   This one:   And this one, a quote from God Himself…     But my favorite is probably this one:   Okay, memes, message received. Don’t judge people because I don’t know their story. I haven’t walked in their shoes Sorry!  I’m assuming they wear shoes. I’m being … More Noble Ambivalence

How Dare You?

Who’s the stupidest person you know? I can’t name just one. It’s a multi-person tie. All of them, characters in movies. In a certain scene. The scene where a powerful villain enters a room. …by blowing a hole in the concrete wall with a fireball shot from his fingers. He waves his hand, the earth shakes … More How Dare You?