Tears for Toys

We were talking about crying. Two men, sitting in a booth eating lunch… at a truck stop. Surrounded by guys in ball caps and overalls. Could hardly smell the burgers cooking. Too much testosterone in the air. As we discussed crying. And the movie that causes it to happen. Toy Story 3. He sort of … More Tears for Toys

Don’t Ask This

“Tell me what’s going on in your life.” “So I’ll know how to pray for you.” Well, on your knees I suppose. Fold your hands. Maybe bow your head a little. “No. I mean so I’ll know what to pray about.” What to pray is entirely different than how to pray. Asking what to pray … More Don’t Ask This

Fair Share

Conan O’Brien has his own show on television! I don’t. You don’t either. Unless you’re Jimmy Kimmel and if you are, keep reading. You need to hear this! HOW IS THAT FAIR? It’s not. Obviously. The television show gap between Conan and other Americans is staggering. The question is, what are we going to do about … More Fair Share

Why I Hate Hate

A friend once said, “I hate getting up in the morning.” Like Nazi hate it? He responded, “What?” The Nazi party knew how to hate. Those guys hated EVERYTHING. My guess is they probably hated getting up too. Is that how you hate it? “Uh, I dunno.” Let’s find out. Is getting up responsible for every hardship you … More Why I Hate Hate

Injected with Joy

      Mold-A-Rama Sounds like what happens to a loaf of bread after a couple of days on the table. But it’s nothing like that. It’s worse. Imagine yourself as a child being given, as a gift, …a plastic bust of Abraham Lincoln. How would you receive such an offering? Would you utter some … More Injected with Joy