Blind Faith

I want to apologize to the blind. I’ve been unfair to them. I’ve often referred negatively to “blind faith”. As if it’s a lesser kind of faith. As if it’s baseless. It’s not. Blind folks cross busy streets using nothing but sound cues. Blind folks navigate their environment with nothing but a guide dog. Astonishing. … More Blind Faith

Never Say Sorry Again

I hate apologizing. And you do too. Admit it. Or don’t. No need to apologize. Either way, I’ve got exciting news. I’ve discovered a method to eradicate it. I need never apologize to anyone. Ever. Here’s my method described in three words: Have. Hurt. Feelings. Here’s how it works. You spill a 12 ounce soda … More Never Say Sorry Again

Fundamental Flaws

    Dogma. It’s not what a puppy calls its mother. It’s religious doctrine that’s held without proof. For example, the belief that there is no God. Relativism. It’s not government by your relatives. It’s dogma. The belief that morality changes relative to circumstances. For example, it’s okay to loot a store if you’re a … More Fundamental Flaws

Reluctant Hipster

What’s a ‘hipster’? My daughter replied, “You’re a hipster, Dad.” That’s impossible. I don’t know what they are. “Right. Hipsters often don’t know what a hipster is.” That doesn’t answer my question. “If something is really popular, a hipster doesn’t like it.” I don’t do that! “You TOTALLY do that!” I don’t dislike popular things … More Reluctant Hipster

Union of Divorce

I want to be divorced. And I want to keep my wife. Cause I love her. And isn’t that enough? Some of you bigots think divorce should only be for people who want to separate. People who don’t like each other. That’s a traditional view of divorce. Narrow. Old fashioned. Divorce should be open to … More Union of Divorce

Verbal Abuse

Recently, my wife asked me to run an errand. She asked me to, “Pop over to the pharmacy to pick up dad’s prescription.” This presented a dilemma. I’ve no idea how to ‘pop’ anywhere. My wife is a no-nonsense kind of gal. She wouldn’t mind if I drove to the pharmacy. As long as the … More Verbal Abuse