Still Don’t Know My Gender

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Facebook recently expanded the list of gender options for we humans.

And it’s about time!

We’ve lived long enough in the uncertainty of male/female delineation.

There are currently 58 gender options.

I expect this number will go up as other gender groups express outrage at being overlooked.

I perused the list to make sure that my current gender option (male) is correct.

Honestly, I’m not sure.

There are so many choices!

And some of those genders are spectacular!


These are much more interesting than ‘boy’.

It put me in the mood to make up a gender myself.

I came up with “Lacto-ovo-venetian-spring-loaded-gender”.

And I guess I’ve always felt like a Lacto-ovo-venetian-spring-loaded person

…trapped in a man’s body.

My hope is that someone working at Facebook can identify with these feelings

…and add this option to the list.

Surely I’m not alone.

Do you think 58 is enough?

What gender options would you like to see added to list?

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One thought on “Still Don’t Know My Gender

  1. My mother used to teach at a business school. One student once gushed, “I’m so glad I have you as a teacher before. I’ve never had a woman teacher–only nuns.”


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