I’ve figured it out. People eat ice cream from a dish because they’re ‘Cone-phobic’. It’s illegal to mistreat animals because society is ‘Abuse-phobic’. When you don’t believe what’s written in the Bible, you’re  ‘Bible-phobic’. If you’re Buddhist, Hindu or Islamic it’s because you’re  ‘Christ-phobic’. Gay marriage advocates are ‘Hetero-phobic’. And people who think George Bush … More Phobic

Engage me!

Shame. I feel it. I’m supposed to ‘engage’ my audience with ‘consistent content’ in order to ‘build a platform’. I’ve failed. FAILED! I’ve been inconsistent. Sporadic even. My platform is more of a make-shift scaffolding. Rickety and unreliable. My fault.  I can change. I will change! “Ask questions to engage your readers.”  That’s what they’re … More Engage me!